Keeping Your Mac Healthy

By Nicol Alexis Machacon

Speed Up Mac - Most computers have been abused and have been slowed down over time. With tons of files being stored along with a handful of programs installed plus possible malwares and spywares lingering around the system, the computer’s efficiency declines gradually. A regular maintenance is a must for computers working almost Twenty four hours on a daily basis to remove junk files to free up some space in addition to disable unnecessary programs while using the your pc or even during start up; let it be done manually or by using special software.

In a high calibre computer like Mac, a pokey run would defeat the objective of having a good pc. Also, it doesn’t justify purchasing such pricey pc simply to be loaded and running lethargically. Many have programs have claimed to become the best in cleaning a Mac. But what’s really important is having a quality cleaner and getting it on a cheap cost. By means of quality, it says the software you’d be using shall provide optimal scan and maintenance in order to optimize your computers potential. And by means of purchasing it on the cheap cost, it would mean an expense efficient purchase wherein the software is just at a very right price for its features and performance.

Speed Up Mac - As for cleaning your Mac’s hard manually, delete all of the files you no longer need like photos in iPhoto, music in iTunes. More importantly, defragment your hard drive regularly while using iDefrag program. As for softwares, some of the recommended softwares in cleaning your Mac are AppZapper, Onyx and CleanMyMac applications. Fundamental essentials recommended programs according to forums and other Mac users. These programs are good but they do not come in free. But then again, the most important step in speeding your Mac and becoming free space is by manually removing unneeded file like photos, music and other documents.

Just like any other gadget, your Mac needs care and protection. Along with a regular would not only give you a boost in your computer’s efficiency but many of all it could very well prolong your computer’s lifespan.